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The Styrian mountains and the two lines

I was thinking of calling this “The Styrian mountains and the positive test (before it was cool)” but it’s too soon for that... So a few days after the Monaco Grand Prix I had MotoGP at the magnificent Mugello circuit. I was going with a few dear friends and my wife. I won’t get into the details of that particular event because that’s a story for another day, but I’m mentioning it because it’s a very important piece in the next heart attack. So we come back from Italy. Fast forward a few weeks and it’s time for the Austrian Grand Prix at the awesome Red Bull Ring! I really adore this place! The nature and the mountains are beautiful, the air is so clean, the people are nice and welcoming, the food is amazing and the track is pretty cool too! It was Wednesday before the weekend started with the usual media day and the whole thing. Our usual procedure for Austria is the following. It’s a mere 1000 clicks away from home, I go to work on Wednesday, Ivan (Tenchev, chief editor of ClubS1 Magazine) picks me up from work where I leave my car and we travel to the track during the night. So me and my colleagues arrive with my car at work that morning and just as they get out of the car and walk into the office my phone rings. It’s my wife? That’s odd. In recent times, we write and calling is reserved for serious stuff, so I get worried. I pick up.

Terry: “Where are you?”
Me: “We just arrived, what’s up?”
T: “Are you alone?”

At that point I become increasingly worried.

Me: “Yes! Tell me what is going on!”
T: “I did a test...”

To fill the eternity of silence that followed I’ll tell you about my daughter. Now, she is the love of my life, and I love her to pieces, but this gorgeous angel is a demon sent from hell when it comes to sleeping. Ironically I’m waiting for her to go to sleep right now, while I’m writing this. Isn’t this fucking ironic?! Anyway, so to understand the premise of the conversation above, you have to know that we have barely slept for 11 months and our trip to Italy was the first time ever we left her to someone else even for a day. And so, here we are.

T: “Are we happy about this?!”
Me: “Of course we are happy! It’s just difficult to process the information and I needed a bit of time... Of course I’m happy! I love you!”

It was a long day at work as you can imagine after which it was finally time to start the whole thing. As we usually do, Ivan is driving the first stint and we switch either somewhere in Serbia or somewhere around that. This time I was feeling dizzy already at the last roundabout on Sofia’s ring road as we were heading for the Serbian border. I had no idea how I’d pull that one off! That was going to be a looong weekend. Initially everything was a bit of a blur but thankfully F1 and shooting are great when it comes to taking your mind off of things, so I enjoyed working this weekend at this superb place! And was pretty exciting too! First Lewis took the lead and Valtteri was catching him up, but then his gearbox failed. Then Daniel was on the move and his Red Bill gave up. And then the unthinkable happened - Lewis’ engine gave up which granted Max Verstappen and the legion of orange fans at the track the win. I have never been a particular fan of Max although his talent and ability are undeniable! What impressed me was his race craft growth between the 2018 and 2019 seasons. Anyway, that’s probably too much F1 and not enough heart attack in this week’s blog. Now the two lines from the positive test are called Boyan and he is nearly two years old. He loves Super Mario Kart, so I think we are on the right track! Frankly, we wanted a second kid, but with the sleep demon in mind, I’m not sure when we were going to be ready to say:

“Hey, wanna not sleep for a year again?”

Again, thank you for going this far and reading this! Till next week and the next heart attack in line!

Have a nice week!

The little guy

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